Saturday, March 10, 2012


[Rupaul's]Drag Race..ugh all the flamboyant,beat faced glittery fabulosity ..Honey I LIVE !! And i'm absolutely obsessed the way they can BEAT a FACE ( apply make up wonderfully for those who aren't hip :p)It's sickening. Naturally I was inspired. One in particular is my fave of the moment Miss Phi Phi (Phiiiiiiiiieerrcceee)So I created a looked based on her. Get into it! :D

My face can't handle heavy contouring so I opted for a "softer" approach 
I will be tuned in next week <3 . Be on the look out for more inspired looks or my own creations!

Friday, March 2, 2012

D.I.Y. D I V A

So I've been eyeing the phone cases for ages now. And once I got my iPhone, I knew I had to pimp it out with one of their grandeur and luxurious  cases. *record scratches* Until I see a notice that they'll be backed up with orders and it could take at least FOUR to complete my order.(( And halt!)) I said to self that "I can MAKE one of these bad girls myself for that amount of time" ! And I did!!

Isn't she obnoxiously shiny & gorgeous. I  ♥  it!! 

NOTE:I bought the plastic cabochon piece here..and additional rhinestones @ Michael's Crafts